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2nd Face to Faith Foundation Video Conference

The Video Conference took place between the following schools :

Hakfar Hayarok ­Israel
Kulachi Hansraj Model School ­ India
Govt Girls Pilot HS GOR Colony Hyderabad ­Pakistan
D. P. S GBN, Noida ­ India

The following people were the facilatators :

Facilitator: Maria Chiara Roselli from Italy
Technical Specialist: Sanjay Bareja? from India

2nd Face to Faith Video Conference was held on 3rd Feb 2015. The agenda of the VC was “The power of Story Telling”. It began with the facilitator introducing the special guest of the day – Ms Charlie Kane who is an artist and storyteller with a background in arts therapy. She has performed and worked at festivals, communities and in informal and formal education settings, in the UK and Israel. Influenced by her travels and heritage, her work is inspired by story, song and spirituality from across the Globe and the rhythms of Nature. Her work is centred on creative expression and she believes passionately in the power of the arts to heal, educate and transform. The story she narrated was full of expressions and descriptions, such that all the students were transported into her story. They later said that they could actually visualize everything that happened in the story. Many have been so influenced that they said, that they might try to become story tellers!

Each school was given the chance to recount one story in 5 minutes. Katyayani Kashyap of Class 8(DPS-GBN) narrated a story about Mahatma Budhha. In the Comments round,almost all our students got a chance to interact with not just the students of the three other schools, but also with Ms Charlie Kane. Overall it was an excellent opportunity for our students to interact on a global scale for the second time in two months again! The DPS GBN students who took part were Ananya , Gauri Madaan , Anuj, Jigyasa (from Class 9), Katyayani, Nishtha, Deepanshi, Neelabh, Shreyansh , Yashna, Mansi (from Class 8) , Ayush , Hardik Kharbanda and Srija (from Class 7).